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Installing A Septic Tank

Installing a septic tank is only one of the most unglamorous construction tasks that has to be completed. Admittedly if you are fitting from brand-new then it’s not problem however more often than not it is a case of fitting a new tank into an old system and the inherent problems will ensue.


However, if you follow the steps in this tutorial you should find the whole process swift and simple and completed a lot easier than you may previously thought.

Septic Tank InstallationThe first thing you need to do is designed the way your system is going to work. This is done by first of all conducting a survey of the site where it is can be installed to ensure that it is suitable. Secondly you will need to conduct a soil test to see which system types can installed. A lot of the time the kind of system will depend on the results of your tests. To install this kind of system you will need to get permits and approvals from the relevant authorities before carrying out the work.

When you are conducting the survey you are looking for elements such as the available space for the system and the intended purpose and perceived water usage based upon the building that the system is going to be servicing.

You conduct a soil test to search for certain element such as the soil type and layering. You are looking forward the differences of play rock and sand and whereabouts is going to be located relative to the depths. One essential element is the ability for the surrounding soil to be able to filter and drain the waste water.

Once you’ve conducted this initial stage you must wait for approval to continue. However once you have gotten the permits you require the system can go ahead and be installed.


The first type of system you may considering installing it would be a gravity fed system. To install this kind of system you first of all need to pinpoint exactly where you are going to be entering the building which is all relative to where the tank is going to be placed. From here you will need to dig at least 2 feet deep and then drill a hole through the wall. You can of course dig deeper and then go up and under the footing. On the eye going through the footing is better however if you already have a building in place then more often than not this is not possible.

You need to plan system so that wherever the pipe comes out to the tank everything will always flow downhill and into the tank. This is why it’s called the gravity fed system. There are no mechanics involved in this system even gravity is used to discharge the waste out of the tank and into the draining field.

The next ages to dig a hole that is big enough to house the aerobic tank well below ground. The best way to ensure that everything is lined up ready to use a laser from the top of the pipe going out to the tank. You measure the distance from the top of the inlet right through to the bottom of the tank.

You need to then layout and dig your leech field in accordance with the approval is given on your permits. The next step is to place in an inch and a half of washed drain rock from a nearby gravel pit in place around the pipe. The idea of this do is to hold the pipe steady. Different regulations from different authorities will require you to check the size of the investment needed and also the size of the gravel. The perforated pipe in a gravity drain field has no slope end to end and it also has capped ends.

From here you will have to have a health inspection where they will give you a green tag. After this you will be able to cover the pipe and tank. Depending on the authority you may need specialist filter fabric straw, newspaper and even underrated building paper to cover the drain rock before you backfill.

While the whole process may seem quite complex in itself it is actually quite easy. Are recommed watching a you should via to go along with this and you will be able to visualise what I have been talking about.

Hope you found this tutorial relatively helpful and understand that installing septic system really isn’t actually all that difficult.